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Q: What is Fantasy Wrestling

It’s just like fantasy football or baseball. You draft players (in this case, wrestlers) to your team and your friends do the same in our online draft (you can also do this offline and have your commissioner manually enter the team rosters). Once your draft is over your roster will earn you points during live broadcasts of wrestling events.

Q: How do I subscribe?

DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling Subscription Page.

Q: Do I need to keep score? 

No DropTheBelt staff keeps track of the points for you.

Q: Is this a gambling site? 

No. DropTheBelt is a fantasy sports commissioner service that keeps track of your league.

Q: When does my free trial start? 

As soon as you verify your email, your 30 day free trial has begun. You can invite friends to play in your private league. You can join a matchmaking league and play against other DTB members. 

Q: Is there a free-to-play option? 

After you verify your email, you can join as many private leagues you want. Only the commissioner of the league pays for the subscription. You must be placed in a league by the commissioner. So get your friends to join and start a league today.

Q: What is a Pick’em Ticket

The DropTheBelt Pick’em Ticket contest is for every PPV show. You pick the winners of each match. You pick a total score for the points you think will be earned during the show. Whoever has the most correct match winners and is closest on the total point score will win the contest!

Q: Can you win money on DropTheBelt? 


Q: How do I cancel my subscription? 

Log into your PayPal account with the email address linked to your DropTheBelt account. Go to recurring charges. Click CANCEL next to DropTheBelt.